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The Economics of SNAP: Understanding SNAP in our Communities

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Through a collaborative, cross-sector discussion this panel seeks to address how the varying economic and community-based outcomes of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) not only impacts the program's direct beneficiaries, but the community as a whole. With the panelists' diverse backgrounds and perspectives, the discussion will encapsulate varying viewpoints of the aforementioned outcomes, thus providing a broad scope of the micro and macro effects of federal food assistance.

This panel includes Jeanne Blankenship, Vice President, Policy Initiatives and Advocacy of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, Regenea Hurte, Executive Director of both the Iowa Hunger Coalition & Iowa Food Bank Association, and Cheryl KennedyFNS Acting Regional Administrator, USDA, with Michelle Book, CEO of the Food Bank of Iowa moderating.

Moderator: Michelle Book
Food Bank of Iowa

Jeanne Blankenship
Vice President, Policy Initiatives and Advocacy
Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
Regenea Hurte
Executive Director
Iowa Hunger Coalition & Iowa Food Bank Association
Cheryl Kennedy
Acting Regional Administrator
USDA Food and Nutrition Service, Mountain Plains Region


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