The World Food Prize Foundation

2007 Iowa Hunger Summit


Morning Presentations

9:00 a.m.

Friends of the World Food Program Meet and Greet

      Salon B-C
    Margot Hoerrner Director of Outreach, Friends of the World Food Program
    Alexei Dhokai Title, Friends of the World Food Program

9:30 a.m.  

Iowa Soybean Association Press Conference/Hunger Initiative Launch

      Waterloo Room

10:00 a.m.  

HDI UN Ambassadors Forum on Food Security Worldwide

      Hall of Cities
    Introduction  -  Amb. Kenneth M. Quinn  |  President, The World Food Prize Foundation

    [Moderator] Gus Schumacher VP of Policy, Wholesome Wave Foundation
    Jorge Skinner-Klee  Ambassador of Guatemala, United Nations
    Dr. Silvester Rowe |  Ambassador of Sierra Leone, United Nations
    Augustine Mahiga | Ambassador of Tanzania, United Nations
    Irene Tembo | Ambassador of Zambia, United Nations

11:00 a.m.  

OneVote08 Bipartisan Panel on Hunger and Poverty with Surrogates from Campaigns of Presidential Candidates

      Hall of Cities
    [Moderator] Jeanine Beck | Journalist, Radio Iowa
    Participating Campaigns: Brownback, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Romney, Biden, McCain, Obama, Richardson
      Des Moines Hall, 3rd Floor

12:00 p.m.  


      Des Moines Hall, 3rd Floor

1:00 p.m.  

Keynote Address

      Des Moines Hall, 3rd Floor
    Introduction  -  Amb. Kenneth M. Quinn  |  President, World Food Prize Foundation
    Keynote Speaker  -  David Beckmann  |  President, Bread for the World

1:35 p.m. 

Q&A with Beckmann

      Des Moines Hall, 3rd Floor

Afternoon Presentation

2:00 p.m.

UN Foundation and Iowa UN Association Session on Advancing International Cooperation to Address Global Challenges

      Hall of Cities
    [Moderator] Rekha Basu  |  Columnist, Des Moines Register
    Congressman Jim Leach  |  Congressman, State of Iowa

3:30 p.m.


      Des Moines Hall


  • At least $6,242,100 has been donated by Iowans to organizations and agencies involved in fighting hunger.
  • 15,297,000 pounds of food have been gathered or distributed, both around the state and internationally.
  • Over 65,000 hours have been volunteered to Iowa anti-hunger advocacy projects or programs that provide food to those who need it.



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