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Hosting an Oxfam Hunger Banquet


The Oxfam Hunger Banquet is designed to create awareness of the imbalance of food access on a global scale. Hunger Banquests are volunteer-led interactive events that bring statistics about poverty to life. Guests randomly select tickets matching real people who are high, middle, or low-income earners, demonstrating that where you end up is all in the luck of the draw. These events help increase our power to respond to global crises, highlight issues of injustice, and change the laws that keep people trapped in poverty.

By using the Oxfam Hunger Banquet Tool-Kit as a guide students and teachers can easily organize and help raise money toward a common goal. Students can come together with their community to make an impact locally and globally.


Additional Resources:

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Tips from a student:

"We were able to have the administration approve a school-wide assembly so everyone in the school could participate. We also contacted the local newspapers to take photos and kept them updated about what was happening. Our biggest challenge this year was getting the assembly down to an hour. Therefore, we had to cut and modify many aspects all while trying to keep the message present. We invited Josh Jasper, the founder of a local food bank/resource center to speak about stories he has experienced. He shared the story of  a local family (no names were mentioned), but that got the crowd to realize people in our community struggle with food insecurity. The food was chosen on what was easiest to distribute and acquire for the event."

                                                     - Drew Daly
Student at Western Dubuque High School

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