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Planning a Meal Packaging Event


A meal packaging event can be organized with your school, local community, church, 4-H or FFA group and allows students to build leadership skills by planning the event with local non-profit organizations. This event can also be used as a teaching tool to help students recognize the differences between temporary relief aid and sustainable long term practices to combat hunger.

Meal packaging events can vary in size and accomplish a large goal in a short amount of time. Trained professionals from local non-profit organizations can help guide you through the planning process. 

Meal-Packaging Programs In Iowa:

Outreach Inc.                                                   

To participate:
Sarah Bradley
National Sales and Marketing Manager

For more information:
Head to and click on “How it Works”

Meals from the Heartland                                       

To participate:
Mike Frandsen
Hunger Fight Manager

For more information:

*Grants available to apply for upon request to cover a portion of supply costs

Tips from a student:

“Thankfully, I had a particular teacher that took on this challenge with me and inspired me to take action in my community. She has helped me develop a service-oriented culture within my school district by organizing Lone Tree FFA Hunger Service Day, an opportunity for students to take part in hands-on service learning and revolutionize their perspectives on food insecurity, poverty, and malnutrition. I’ve outlined a few tips for educators on empowering students to take action in service and volunteerism:

Cultivate autonomy within students by allowing them to take responsibility for their actions and choices. Encouraging students to be independent will enable them to become confident, take ownership of their project, and feel like their contributions are valuable.

Accomplishing remarkable things in organizations is a lot of hard work. In order to foster determination and hope, educators must recognize the contributions of their students. Success comes from making students feel like heroes-- making them feel powerful and capable.

Help students find a cause they feel passionate about and want to become immersed in. Introduce students to stories of nonprofits in action and how they've impacted numerous lives."

- Jaxson Mullinix
Lone Tree FFA President

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