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The Time is Now: Applying Racial Equity In Our Work To End Hunger

Co-Chairs of the Racial Equity Hunger National Learning Network, Marlysa Gamblin and Donald Wood, will provide a keynote presentation on the need for racial equity in the work of ending hunger and food insecurity. 

In order to address the root causes of hunger, racial inequities must be identified and the knowledge that racial equity is vital to ending hunger must be operationalized. This session will illustrate the important difference between equity and racial equity. Marlysa and Donald will explore how intent does not equal impact and why this understanding is crucial to ensure racial equity and justice.

This conversation will lead folks to take on a critical examination of accountability. Tools will provide support for attendees to become accountable to themselves and their communities, as well as how to implement racial equity within their work.


  • Gain an active understanding of what racial equity is (and is not) and the need to center it within our work
  • Tools and strategies to support accountability and implementation of racial equity
  • Introduction to the Racial Equity Hunger National Learning Network

Racial Equity Hunger National Learning Network
The Racial Equity and Hunger National Learning Network is a network of individuals, organizations, agencies and policy makers who care about ending hunger. We recognize that to achieve this goal, we must discuss race and apply a racial equity lens. We are a group of individuals working on the local, state, regional, and national levels, and we are committed to sharing best practices to engaging in internal and external changes to end hunger. 

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Marlysa D. Gamblin
Senior Domestic Policy Advisor,
Racial & Gender Divides

Bread for the World

  Donald Wood
Executive Director
Just Communities of Arkansas (JCA)

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