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Heavyweights: Hunger Fighting Fundamentals/Food Bank & Partnerships

Organizer  |  Iowa Food Bank Association
Subjects Covered  |  Advocacy, Capacity Building, Coalition Building, Childhood Hunger, College Hunger, Donation Gardening, Education, Emergency Food Programs, Food Banking/Pantry Logistics, Food Rescue/Recovery, Nutrition, Summer/School Feeding Programs, SNAP/WIC, Transportation, Volunteerism
Target Audience  |  Students and teachers

This session is a heavyweight contender providing the basics of feeding Iowans living with food insecurity. Food Banks are the heavyweights in the collaborative work to feed the hungry. With more than 30 years of experience, the Iowa food banks share the basics about feeding Iowans, important collaborations and effective ways to end hunger in Iowa. In collaboration with IFBA speakers, key takeaways will include how to make a significant impact with your voice as well as knowing how to utilize your eagerness to volunteer and share your unique talents.

Participants will be provided a statistical information sheet on hunger in Iowa. Opportunities to take action outside of this session include; being an advocate, volunteering, or challenging one another on ways your school district can help fight food insecurity. Remember to be a voice for those who have no voice.

Iowa Food Bank Association | @iowaFBA
Serving Iowa in their work to ensure that sufficient food is accessible to all.

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