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2015 Iowa Hunger Summit

Agricultural Urbanism

Speaker Ms. Courtney Long - Design Fellow, Iowa State Community Design Lab & Local Foods Team
Schedule Breakout Sessions, Round Two (10/13/2015 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.)

This workshop will discuss the Agricultural Urbanism Toolkit Process and the projects that have moved forward since last year’s Hunger Summit.  This includes implementation projects in Cedar Rapids, Cresco, Cresco and Des Moines; as well as coalition development with new community partners: Cass County, Dubuque County, and a coalition of counties in north Iowa- Healthy Harvest. 

The Agricultural Urbanism Toolkit is a three year process that promotes public interest design through engagement with community leaders to develop a holistic food system.  Our process involves community coalition building, agricultural urbanism and place-based design research, and design technical assistance.  The toolkit has the potential to improve food security, create resilient communities, promote social equity, increase environmental diversity, and generate economic development for individuals and communities.

Organized by the Iowa State University Community Design Lab

About Ms. Courtney Long:

Courtney Long is a design fellow with the Iowa State Community Design Lab and the Local Foods Team.  Courtney manages the development and implementation of the Agricultural Urbanism Toolkit; a joint program through the CDL, Leopold Center and ISU Extension working to design and implement local food system projects in communities around Iowa.  Community projects include: integration and design of local and regional food system practices, health and wellness opportunities, and sustainable infrastructure.

Courtney has been working with local food systems and design for access to healthy, local and regional foods since 2010 with various appointments and research: Farm to ISU + Sustainability Coordinator: ISU Dining; Design Fellow: Iowa State Community Design Lab, and current work with the Iowa State University Extension: Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR).

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