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March 2017

Applications for 2017 Iowa Hunger Summit Afternoon Breakout Sessions are Now Being Accepted

Afternoon Breakout Sessions provide organizations with the opportunity to further engage with Iowa Hunger Summit attendees and offers attendees the opportunity to further expand their understanding of how they can become actively involved in the fight against local and global hunger. 

The Iowa Hunger Summit draws participants from community organizations, social agencies, state and local government, churches and religious communities, schools and universities, and community members looking for ways to be further involved in their communities. 

This year the 2017 Iowa Hunger Summit will take place on World Hunger Day - Monday, October 16.

Examples for past Afternoon Breakout Sessions can be found at

Details and Logistics

  • Breakouts are 45 minutes in length and take place in the afternoon, following the Hunger Summit Luncheon.  
  • Afternoon Breakout Sessions average between 20 and 40 people
  • For organizations who are submitting multiple proposals, please submit each proposal separately
  • Each Afternoon Breakout Session will be provided with up to 40 chairs for attendees, and have the options of a head table, projector and screen, and speakers
  • Organizations are encouraged to partner with one another to provide comprehensive sessions for Hunger Summit Attendees
  • The Hunger Summit Audience includes individuals interested in local and global hunger, as well as those already involved in the efforts to eliminate hunger

The application can be found online at Afternoon Breakout Session Applications for the 2017 Iowa Hunger Summit will close on June 1, 2017. Applicants will be notified by June 30 of the status of their application.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Crystal Harris                                                              
Director of the Iowa Hunger Summit               

Madeline Goebel
Program Manager     

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