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March 2014

Innovation and Collaboration: Using Information Strategically to Make a Difference

In their continued efforts to be an advocate and resource for all Iowans, and in particular those ages 50 and older, AARP in Iowa commissioned a survey to gauge Iowans’ experience with hunger in the state and their opinion about state support for food banks. The 2013 “Hunger in Iowa” survey, involving 800 adult Iowans, provides several key findings:

Most adult Iowans view hunger as an important issue in the state, with a third saying it is a very important issue and nearly half saying it is a somewhat important issue.

Many Iowans are involved in the fight against hunger and many more would be interested in helping if asked. At least half of all adult Iowans have donated money or donated food to an organization providing food to those in need, donated food to a food drive, or gave money directly to a person, family, or neighbor in need in the last 12 months.

Most Iowans think local government and local organizations should help reduce hunger in the state. Nearly three-quarters say both the state government and public or private organizations and individuals should help reduce the number of families at risk for hunger in Iowa.

After unveiling the results of the survey at the 2013 Iowa Hunger Summit in Des Moines, AARP State Director Kent Sovern partnered with Iowa Food Bank Association Director Cory Berkenes and local food banks to organize Hunger Thought Leader meetings in Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and Sioux City. Using the results of the 2013 Hunger in Iowa Survey, area thought leaders discussed the barriers to broader community adoption, acceptance, or advocacy on the topic of food insecurity in their community. Findings from the meetings will be published after a fourth meeting in Mason City, tentatively scheduled for March 21st.

In the meantime, see the full survey results at:

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