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January 2014

Innovation and Collaboration: Meals for Disaster Relief in the Philippines

Responding to the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, Iowans delivered 1,425,600 nutritious meals to the Philippines through a partnership between Outreach, Inc., of Union, IA; Rotary International Clubs; and Somebody Cares International. Organizers at Outreach, Inc. were able to respond quickly and forcefully after the typhoon by leveraging preexisting partnerships with meal-packaging organizations in Minnesota and Missouri and by approaching contacts at Rotary International and Somebody Cares International with a proposal that each organization could easily insert itself into and accomplish their own objectives.

Their recommendations for laying the groundwork for successful partnerships include:

1) developing a reputation for sharing credit and publicity between partners; 
2) proposing projects that meet the visions and missions of potential partners while building on each partner’s strengths, and; 
3) listening to feedback from potential and actual partners both before and especially after the ‘crunch time’ of an actual partnership.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad will sign a Proclamation at 2:30 P.M. on February 13, 2014, honoring this effort. To find out more, contact Rick McNary at


Tools of the Trade: Hy-Vee Community Garden Grants - Apply by Feb. 1

Community gardens are one promising way to increase access to healthy, nutritious food in cities and towns across Iowa. Hy-Vee is awarding “One Step Community Garden Grants” to organizations whose core focus teaches those in need about health and nutrition through the process of planting, tending and harvesting their own fruits and vegetables. Grant awards will not exceed $750 per garden, and applications must be received by February 1, 2014. Click here to apply. 

More information about community gardening is available through several organizations, including Cultivate Iowa, a statewide initiative promoting the benefits of food gardening and produce donation.

Photo Credits: Top: Outreach, Inc., Bottom: Faith & Grace Garden

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