The World Food Prize Foundation

2023 Iowa Hunger Summit Speakers

Kim Guardado

Director, Food Reservoir at Hawkeye Area Community Action Program

Kim Guardado is the Director for the Food Reservoir at Hawkeye Area Community
Action Program (HACAP). HACAP is a large community action agency in East Central
Iowa serving people in poverty to help them be successful and build strong
communities. Kim is a registered nurse and has been serving those in poverty for most
of her career. In her time with HACAP she served as a leader of health services and is
now with the food bank to fight hunger as a condition of poverty. Most recently Kim has
led the development of nutrition services and mental health screening in the food bank
and serves as the Chair of the Iowa Food Bank Association. Since Kim began her
nursing career she has been focused on serving those in poverty and addressing the
whole person. She is driven to connect people with the resources they need to be

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