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2014 Iowa Hunger Summit

Hunger in Iowa: An Evolving Challenge

Speaker Mr. Cory Berkenes - State Director, Iowa Food Bank Association
Dr. Yogesh Shah - Associate Dean of Global Health, Des Moines University
Dr. Kim Greder - Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Iowa State University
Schedule Morning Presentations (10/14/2014 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.)
File Hunger in Iowa - An Evolving Challenge

Those who are highly engaged with hunger issues in Iowa and serving the hungry know first-hand that food insecurity is now impacting Iowans who were not traditionally considered at risk.

With perspectives and expertise from the Iowa Food Bank Association, ISU Extension and Des Moines University, our opening panel will respectfully explore ways that Iowans can think about and engage with this evolving and changing issue.

Come to the Iowa Hunger Summit to learn more about who the hungry in Iowa are, where they live, how this has changed recently, how this impacts human health and well-being, and what all of these changes mean for those seeking to alleviate hunger among Iowans.

About Mr. Cory Berkenes:

Cory Berkenes has served as the State Director of the Iowa Food Bank Association since January, 2013. He resides in the Des Moines Area with his wife, Crystal, and two daughters, Elsie and Emerson. 

Berkenes’ current position as State Director of the Iowa Food Bank Association allows him to collaborate with the eight Feeding America Food Banks in the state that serve all 99 counties. He directs the state policy and advocacy efforts for the association, oversees the statewide SNAP outreach contract, manages the state food bank disaster preparedness initiative, and establishes strategies for improved food and fund procurement for food banks. Berkenes currently serves on the Leadership Team of the Food Access and Health Work Group of the Iowa Food Systems Council and co-chairs its policy committee, sits on the Advisory Council of the Iowa Food and Family Project, and has co-lead the Iowa Anti-Hunger Coalition.

About Dr. Yogesh Shah:

Dr. Shah is the Associate Dean of Global Health at Des Moines University. He began serving in this position in July, 2007.

Dr. Shah’s expertise is in geriatrics and the health effects of climate change on the human population.  His passion is to improve the health of people around the world. He was awarded a Fulbright scholarship in March, 2013 to develop a palliative care curriculum in Rwanda.

Dr. Shah has been instrumental in establishing the city of Des Moines as a member of the World Health Organization’s network of age friendly cities. He also led the creation of two consortiums; the Heartland Global Health Consortium (HGHC) and the Heartland Climate and Health Consortium (HCHC).   The HGHC is a collaboration of Iowa educational institutions that are leaders in promoting opportunities to inspire and equip students to become leaders in global public health.  The HCHC works toward educating central Iowans on the effect of climate change on nutrition and human health. Dr. Shah has been invited to speak at the White House task force on climate change and be a part of the first ever World Health Organization conference in Geneva on climate and health.

Dr. Shah received his degree in medicine from Bombay University in India. He completed his residency in Family Medicine with the Mercy Mayo Residency Program and his Geriatric Fellowship at the Mayo Clinic. He is triple-board-certified in family medicine, geriatrics and hospice and palliative care. Dr. Shah holds a Masters in Public Health from Des Moines University.

Dr. Shah has received numerous awards for his work in aging and dementia and has served as the Commissioner on the Iowa Department of Aging and as a board member on the Iowa Medical Examiners. He has received the Passport to Prosperity Award, which honors individuals who immigrated to the state of Iowa and have contributed significantly to the community.

About Dr. Kim Greder:

Kimberly Greder is an associate professor and extension specialist in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at Iowa State University. She studies the health and well-being of families who have low incomes across rural America, and designs educational materials and interventions to promote family well-being and health. She co-leads Rural Families Speak about Health, a multi-state project focused on examining the mental and physical health of rural families. In Iowa, she specifically studies Latino immigrant families. Additionally, she co-authors county level Poverty and Food Needs Profiles for Iowa’s 99 counties to assist communities in understanding the relationship between poverty and food needs at the local level. Throughout her career she has been recognized for her contributions to Extension education and applied research at the state and national levels.

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