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Organizer  |  Iowa Food Bank Association 
Subjects Covered  |  Advocacy, Capacity Building, College Hunger, Corporate/Nonprofit Partnership, Economic/Community Development, Education, Emergency Food Programs, Food Access, Food Banking/Pantry Logistics, Nutrition, Senior Hunger, Sharing of Lived Experiences, SNAP/WIC, Volunteerism
Target Audience  |  All who are interested in learning more about the fight against hunger and seeking an understanding of the Food Assistance (SNAP) program impact in the fight of hunger. Also an excellent discussion on current and expanding work in coordinating statewide efforts with the Food Assistance program as well as the impact of Tefap (commodity) food distribution in Iowa (how it works and who receives it) especially with the current trade mitigation food distributions.

This breakout session provides a guideline of key nutritional programs in Iowa.  Understanding the benefits, hurdles and possible growth opportunities that these programs provide are part of the foundation of our work to helping feed the hungry in  Iowa. Although the details of the various programs can become overwhelming, the basics are crucial for all who fight hunger in Iowa to understand. In addition to knowing the basic governmental nutrition programs in Iowa as public/private partnerships, attendees will get a better understanding on ways to assist the people served on these programs, learn how to educate others about the programs and resources and be aware of the vulnerability of programs.

Those attending this breakout session will better understand the most impactful statewide programs in the fight against hunger in Iowa (and nation) and learn how everyone can educate Iowans living in hunger to apply for food assistance. Knowledge about the toll-free hotline and other information is key across Iowa. Attendees will better understand programs such as WIC, Tefap and  SNAP programs as well as learn how community programs can best serve  Iowans in need of food to eat.

Iowa Food Bank Association  |  @Iowafba
Serving Iowa in their work to ensure that sufficient food is accessible to all.

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