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Malnutrition and Violence

Organizer  |  Broadlawns and Aegis Trust
Subjects Covered  |   Nutrition - Education - Child Hunger - Capacity Building
Target Audience  |   Community leaders -  Private Sector and Nonprofit Sector 

In this breakout session you’ll learn the science behind malnutrition and violence and discuss different solutions to change that relationship. A brain requires as much as 20% of a person’s daily nutrition intake. Impulse control in particular takes a lot of energy. When that nutrition intake is insufficient a brain cannot function optimally.

Dr. Yogesh Shah | Director, Palliative Care , Broadlawns

About the Organization
The mission of Grow: Johnson County is working together to build a healthy community through the delivery of accessible, cost effective and high quality patient care.

Aegis Trust
The Aegis Trust is an international organization working to prevent genocide. Aegis honours the memory of the victims of genocide and enables students, professionals, decision-makers and a wider public to meet survivors and learn from their experiences. Through education, we work to build long-term peace by encouraging communities to change from mindsets of mistrust and prejudice to a position of shared responsibility for peace and stability. We also help survivors in difficult circumstances to rebuild their lives.

Aegis conducts and encourages research about genocide to improve the practice of prevention. We work on places where genocide is a current threat, campaigning for decision-makers to help protect those most at risk. Our advocacy involves taking the voices of those at risk to politicians, the media and the public.

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