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Tom Vilsack


Dan Glickman


Ann Veneman


Mike Johanns


Ed Schafer

This year’s Iowa Hunger Summit will feature an exceptional opportunity to hear the five most recent U.S. Secretaries of Agriculture discuss current issues in food security. This bipartisan conversation will be moderated by World Food Prize Council of Advisors member Secretary Tom Vilsack, with Secretaries Dan Glickman, Ann Veneman, Mike Johanns and Ed Schafer participating in the session. It is an extremely rare occurrence to bring together Secretaries of Agriculture from across many administrations and both political parties.

The conversation between the Secretaries will be an insightful look into many of the food insecurity issues facing our country. Among those are: access to nutritious and safe food, the future of SNAP and the lack of full scale grocery stores throughout our nation’s food deserts.

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