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Donation Gardens & Increasing Access to Produce

Donation Gardens & Increasing Access to Produce

Hosted by: Iowa State Extension and Outreach Master Gardener Program  |  Iowa Gardening for Good  |  United Way of Muscatine

Subject of Breakout: Gardens  |  Volunteerism  |  Community Partnership  |  Nutrition


This session will highlight projects from three different organizations that bring volunteers and plots of ground together to successfully deliver more produce to those in need in Iowa. 

Master Gardener's will present on their Growing Together project, which works within the food pantry system to increase clients' access to fruits and vegetables so that they have the ability to make healthy choices within their means. Growing Together works closely with ISU's SNAP-Ed program, Master Gardener program, ISU Research farms and Iowa food pantries. 

The Iowa Gardening for Good program has raised over 30,000 pounds of vegetables for the Food Bank of Iowa in 2017. They will discuss their volunteer-based model, the logistics with Food Bank food and containers, land/volunteer needs for food production, and how the model can be replicated by others.

Finally, the United Way of Muscatine will talk about how they started their Community Giving Gardens at schools. They will share how they got started, what education their provided to teachers about the gardens, maintenance of Community Giving Gardens, and how they educate parents on how to cook with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

About the Organizations:

Iowa State Extension and Outreach Master Gardener Program

The mission of the Iowa State University Extension & Outreach Master Gardener Program is to provide current, research-based, home agriculture information and education to the citizens of Iowa through programs and projects. Through their participation in educational activities, Master Gardeners also increase their own personal knowledge in horticulture. Master Gardeners extend Iowa State University Extension & Outreach's consumer horticulture education programs through volunteer activity. 

Iowa Gardening for Good

Iowa Gardening for Good is a project (soon to be a non-profit entity) created by the Blackmer family that focuses on involving people in growing things of value for a good cause. Their mission is to provide agricultural expertise and logistical support to increase local food production and supply local needs/charitable purposes by involving youth and other community volunteers.

United Way of Muscatine

The United Way of Muscatine works to build healthier, more resilient communities by promoting healthy eating and physical activity, expanding access to quality health care and integrating health into early childhood development.

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