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Food Security: The Foundation for Healthy Aging

Food Security: The Foundation for Healthy Aging

Hosted by: Iowa Department of Public Health |  Iowa Department on Aging  |  Iowa State Extension - Human Sciences

Subject of Breakout: Senior Hunger  |  Nutrition


Food insecurity puts people at high risk for many diet-related chronic diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, asthma, arthritis, sarcopenia and other forms of malnutrition. Public health nutrition education and social marketing are an essential part of our community response to preventing these hardships among our community members, especially seniors. This session will present state, regional, and local examples of interventions designed to create a greater awareness about senior hunger, increase participation in senior nutrition programs, and improve access to nutritious foods.

About the Organizations:

Iowa Department of Public Health - Iowa Nutrition Network

The Iowa Department of Public Health works to support a healthy public health system that promotes healthy behaviors, prevents disease and provides access to care. The Iowa Nutrition Network is a partnership of public agencies, private organizations, and communities dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles among all Iowans, particularly among low-income individuals and families. They believe that good food choices and physical activity are essential to maintaining and improving health.

Iowa Department on Aging

The Iowa Department on Aging strives to improve the quality of life and care of older Iowans through advocacy, planning, policy development and the administration and support of statewide programs and services that promote health, safety and long-term independence. 

Iowa State Extension - Human Sciences

ISU Extension - Human Sciences strives to build a #STRONGIOWA one person at a time. They provide research-based information and education to help Iowans make decisions that improve their lives. Their specialists work with the College of Human Sciences at Iowa State University and in partnership with other organizations and agencies to meet the needs of Iowa. 

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