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About the Iowa Hunger Summit

The Iowa Hunger Summit is an annual event that serves as a platform to address issues related to hunger and food insecurity in Iowa. Organized by the World Food Prize Foundation, this Summit brings together a diverse group of participants, including policymakers, activists, community leaders and individuals passionate about addressing food-related challenges. 

At the first Iowa Hunger Summit, Governor Chet Culver presented Norman E. Borlaug with a proclamation declaring October 16 as Norman E. Borlaug/World Food Prize Day in Iowa. Joining were former Governors Robert Ray, Tom Vilsack and Terry Branstad.  

The Summit features a series of discussions, presentations and collaborative efforts aimed at finding innovative and sustainable solutions to combat hunger. Participants engage in conversations about the root causes of hunger, the impact of food insecurity on communities and strategies to enhance food access and nutrition.

Key objectives of the Iowa Hunger Summit include raising awareness about hunger-related issues, fostering partnerships among various stakeholders, and promoting initiatives that contribute to the goal of ending hunger. The event often highlights successful programs and projects that have made a positive impact on reducing food insecurity, both locally and globally.

The Summit serves as a forum for showcasing advancements in agricultural practices, technology and policies that can contribute to more efficient and equitable food distribution systems. It encourages collaboration between government agencies, non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals to create a comprehensive and coordinated approach to addressing hunger.Beyond discussions and presentations, the Summit also features interactive sessions, workshops and networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect, share insights and explore potential collaborations.

As the details of each year's Iowa Hunger Summit may vary, it is recommended to stay up to date on the schedule, speakers, and topics covered by visiting the Plan to Attend Page.

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