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May 2017

Nourish Mobile Grocery

Nourish Mobile Grocery is a Des Moines based start-up technology company that delivers healthy groceries into the “food deserts” of Iowa. The company is a USDA SNAP/EBT approved retailer and operates from its grocery warehouse located in Des Moines.  Nourish allows its customers to make their payment upon delivery via cellular point-of-sale equipment on its truck. The delivery truck accepts standard debit, credit cards and SNAP/EBT cards. A Nourish customer pre-orders their groceries from a Nourish grocery list to be delivered that same day or the next day. 

The Grocery List offers a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked and uncooked meats, quality breads and grains, dairy items, eggs, baby foods, canned goods and pantry items such as condiments and baking ingredients. 

Also offered are “meal kits” – the company’s dietitian includes all the ingredients and recipe in one bag for a healthy family meal. The meal kits are priced in the range of $1 per serving and conform to the USDA’s MyPlate guidelines.

Nourish partners with community leaders, churches, social agencies and multi-family housing complexes to coordinate the distribution and return of the Grocery List to their clients and residents.  The Grocery List incorporates multiple languages and visual guides. Grocery pricing is competitive with traditional grocery stores and significantly below the prices found in convenience stores.

In May, the Iowa Healthiest State Initiative selected Nourish to participate as the 1st grocery store in the Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) program for the Summer ’17 Iowa growing season.  In addition to accepting debit, credit and cash the Nourish Farm Stand will also accept SNAP/EBT for payment and distributing DUFBs for redemption.

How to get involved?

The Nourish team is looking for community leaders who would like to offer their clients and area residents the benefits and services of grocery store quality foods being delivered to them. A dedicated liaison between Nourish and the customer base really makes the service work best. This person will help coordinate distributing the Grocery List, explaining the ordering and payment process to ensure the order can be fulfilled. A Nourish team member collects the Grocery Lists on a regular schedule. 

Nourish is also looking for team members interested in working for a start-up company that is making a contribution to solving the issues of food insecurity and access. When it comes to food, our mission is to make the healthy choice, the easy choice for people in places where people live, work, play and pray. 

If you are a community leader interested in supporting your local neighborhood and would like to learn how to partner with Nourish, please contact: 

For more information, visit us at or on our Facebook page “Nourish Mobile Grocery”


Iowa Hunger Fighting Interns

This past spring we welcomed Allison Jamison to the World Food Prize team to support the Iowa Hunger Directory. Allison provided support to our social media efforts and focused her time on curating the upcoming Iowa Hunger Directory Hard Copy. As an Iowa native and a student at Iowa State University , she provided a helpful perspective and made various efforts to learn about all of our Hunger Directory members. I cannot thank Allison enough for her efforts throughout the past semester and look forward to seeing all that you accomplish.

Our Summer Intern, Eliza Daly comes to us from the University of Iowa and a native of the Des Moines area. Throughout the summer she will be working to help organize the 2017 Iowa Hunger Summit and support our efforts with the Iowa Hunger Directory through social media and direct involvement with our Directory members. 


As summer approaches I must unfortunately move on to a new opportunity. I have had a fantastic semester working with Madeline and the other great staff at the World Food Prize Foundation, and a wonderful time getting to know a little bit about all of the organizations that work so hard to fight and end hunger locally and abroad. 

This semester I have been working to revamp the Hunger Directory. As we prepare to release this resource in the next month, I hope you will all enjoy the changes that we have made for 2017. Thank you for an exciting semester and I hope I will have opportunities in the future to continue working with some of your excellent organizations!

My name is Eliza Daly, and I am a George Washington Carver Intern for the summer semester. I'll be going into my junior year at the University of Iowa this fall, where I'm double majoring in Health Promotion and Psychology with a minor in Global Health Studies. I'm extremely excited for this internship opportunity! I'm interested in pursuing a career in public health, specifically in the area of nutrition, so the World Food Prize Foundation seemed like an excellent place to gain experience. I'm really looking forward to learning about the behind-the-scenes details of an international nonprofit, especially one that is so involved with global hunger and poverty. This internship also provides great opportunities to meet with some of the many other organizations around Iowa fighting hunger. It's really inspiring to be surrounded by people who are passionate about such a great cause. I'll be working on a lot of tasks for the 2017 Iowa Hunger Summit coming up this fall, and I can't wait to see how all of my work comes together for that event!

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