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Mr. Gary Oppenheimer
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Garden Program

Description: educates, encourages and enables America's home and community gardeners to donate their excess garden produce to local food pantries nationwide... including across Iowa.

All that we do and believe in is to solve hunger and malnutrition by eliminating the root cause: the waste of fresh food.

We do this by way of an elegant yet simple solution – combining the growers passion to not waste food and our technology, to enable billions of pounds of excess food to reach 1 out of every 4 food pantries nourishing millions of families nationwide.

Our solution is to educate and then enable local gardeners to donate that food. Your generous contribution helps more fresh food get to more hungry families. For Good.

Watch how is hard at work in Iowa here

How to Help:

Iowans can learn more by viewing their TED Talk and press kit. Individuals can support the work of by making a donation or by activating a network in their community. Corporate cause marketing campaigns are also welcomed. 

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