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Dallas County Health Department

25747 N Ave. Ste C
IA 50003
Ms. Amy Short
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Government Agency


Dallas County Health Department was founded in 1948 and has been providing public health services to the communities of Dallas County since that time.  The Agency’s mission is to promote, protect and improve the public’s health through surveillance, education, care coordination, disease prevention, mobilization of community resources, and enforcement of public health policies and regulations.

Dallas County Health Department seeks to deliver quality, cost effective health services by developing, maintaining and improving health related programs that recognize the wellness continuum.  Holistic services are directed toward individuals and their families, groups, and the community with special attention to populations at risk and system and environmental changes to make healthy choices easier. Services include community wellness programming, immunization clinics, communicable disease control, health education, emergency preparedness, health navigation, and county-wide health needs assessment and planning.

How to Help:

Individuals and organizations should contact Dallas County Health Department directly to explore potential areas for collaboration.

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