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Bread for the World

205 W. Monroe, Ste. 311
IL 60606
Mr. Matt Gross
Activities Statewide
Organization Type
Faith Based


Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging leaders in the United States to end hunger at home and abroad. Bread for the World partners with a wide spectrum of church organizations and faith communities to build the political commitment needed to overcome hunger and poverty at home and abroad. Bread empowers faith communities, campus groups, and other organizations to end hunger, mobilizing people of faith to write to congress, engage their churches, and organize in their communities.

How to Help:

Individuals, churches, and organizations in Iowa can partner with Bread for the World by writing to congress, engaging their churches, organizing their communities, and becoming members of Bread for the World. More information and resources to get involved in each of these ways is available at or by contacting the Regional Office by email or at 800-447-0239, or by emailing Tom Smull, member of Bread for the World’s Iowa Advisory Board at

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