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For more than 85 years, DuPont Pioneer has been working to improve the lives of farm families and rural communities. As the first company to research, develop and sell hybrid seed corn in 1926, our focus was helping farmers increase productivity of corn to support their families, invest in their farms and build stronger rural communities. Many things have changed in eight decades, but our focus is still the same: helping farmers be more productive while supporting the communities in which our employees and customers live and work.

Our Pioneer Giving program works to improve food security by advancing agriculture through science, education, and innovation. We are also committed to enhancing the quality of life for farmers and their communities globally.

Eligible community organizations include local schools, public charities and 501c3 organizations.

Pioneer’s Giving Program provides up to $5,000 for a project or program which focuses on the following:

1. Food Security. While we are working toward the goal of providing nutritious food to 9 billion people by 2015, millions of people today don’t know where their next meal will come from.

Food security support could include school to home backpack meal programs, food banks, rural meal delivery, congregate meal programs, meals on wheels programs, community gardens.

Program examples include:

2. Education. Science education is the key to continuing important advancements in agriculture. Increasing productivity, preserving natural resources, developing healthier plants, oils and animals … it will take a new generation of researchers, agronomists, scientists and farmers to meet lofty goals.  Education support could be for a local science fair, classroom science activity, and after school activities like Lego League.

Program examples include:

3. Community Betterment.  Vibrant communities support our customers and employees in important ways.  We support programs and projects that create sustainable infrastructure  for communities in which our employees and customers live and work.   Projects could include grain rescue tubes or other support for local rescue teams, a key community improvement effort, or local health and human services projects. 

Program examples include:

Contact your local Pioneer sales representative or business team for more details on program applications.

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