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5 Actions Organized Communities Can Fight for to Improve Food Access at the Local Level

To survive, each person in the world needs access to food, clothes, and shelter. These fundamental needs must be guaranteed to and entrusted by the people in order for individuals and communities to thrive. 

However, unsustainable and erratic public and private funding and support continually cutaway and destabilize access to basic needs programs. These inadequacies must force us as a community to question and address what we must do to ensure food access for themselves and their children.

This presentation will dive into five specific actions communities can utilize to fight for and achieve sustained food access at the local level, as we must all believe that food is thy medicine.

Attendees will have five explicit action items they can implement in their lives and in their work to improve food access in their communities.

Des Moines Civil & Human Rights Commission
The Des Moines Civil & Human Rights Commission believes in equality with respect and justice for all. The Commission is a city government department that enforces illegal discrimination laws in the City of Des Moines. It works to advance justice, promote equality and ensure the protection of human rights for all people in Des Moines through education, advocacy, community engagement and investigations of civil rights violations. The Commission's goal is to make Des Moines a leading example of protecting human rights and equality for all, with a culture of inclusiveness, respect and peace.

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Joshua V. Barr
Des Moines Civil & Human Rights Commission

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