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The Iowa Hunger Summit is seeking input on the best approaches to this year’s activities to address the social, political, and environmental determinants that permit food insecurity to continue within our cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

The 2020 Iowa Hunger Summit pivoted to a virtual format, elevating new approaches, perspectives, and people. Summit organizers seek to harness the reconstruction of 2020 by enlisting an Open Call for Community Input. 

We are seeking innovative, equitable, and insightful topics and speaker suggestions to highlight in the 2021 Summit. We believe that dialogue must be transparent and center the comprehensive and fundamental needs of our communities. Additionally, we know that the root causes of hunger are intersectional and inextricable from the structural issues of the social, political, and public systems in which we all live. We cannot hope to eradicate hunger and food insecurity in our community, without systems that comprehensively address intersectional inequities, including, but not limited to:

  • Housing
  • Racial Equity
  • Wealth Gaps - including
    gender and racial
  • Healthcare
  • Childcare
  • Banking + Finance
  • Nutrition
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Policy + Governance

To send in your ideas and suggestions for speakers, content, and partners, please fill out the form, below. We encourage you to respond with as much detail as possible. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated and will be considered in formulating the 2021 Iowa Hunger Summit Agenda. 

The Iowa Hunger Summit welcomes participants of all abilities. To request an accommodation or to submit your suggestions in an alternative format, please contact Madeline Goebel at or 515-245-3726.

S U B M I T   I N P U T

The Iowa Hunger Summit has previously utilized the formats, below, which you may consider in your submission. Please note that the organizers of the Hunger Summit may request new or alternative formats, as appropriate. 

  • Keynote: a single or small group presentation on a specific theme, topic or area of expertise that inspires the framework and topics  for the conference.
  • Roundtablea large group of experts discuss and engage in an interactive conversation on a set topic or theme. 
  • Fireside chatan informal conversation between a featured speaker and moderator.
  • Panel Discussiona small group of experts discuss and engage in a moderated conversation on a set topic or theme.
  • Breakout Sessioninteractive small-medium size audiences receive a focused and more interactive discussion on specific topics, programs, and initiatives. 
  • Workshopinteractive small-medium size audiences receive in-depth training on specific skills, programs, or initiatives.
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Thank you for your investment in the Iowa Hunger Summit. We deeply appreciate those who submit input and may not be able to include all suggestions in the planning process moving forward. Please know that we will do our best to accommodate all suggestions and input into the content of this year’s Summit.

Deadline Extended to July 1!

Madeline Goebel | Director, Strategic Partnerships + Community Outreach | | 515-245-3726

S U B M I T   I N P U T

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