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What’s Next: creating more resilient food systems after shock

This session serves as an opportunity for us to build upon the previous days’ conversations on the response to COVID-19, as we continue to live in a world grappling with the effects of COVID-19 and the derecho and look forward to improved settled and post-shock food systems. 

As Food Banks have been and continue to be at the center of hunger relief throughout crises, we will engage Food Bank leaders in a conversation on what we have learned from past shocks to the system and the future projections for the sector, and the need for resilience to be incorporated into our overarching food systems. 


  • Share projections for the future of food banks, food systems in a current/post system shock 
  • Summarize lessons learned and reflect on the successful and less successful pivots in response to systems shocks
  • An exploration of how continued partnerships strengthen food security and community preparedness
  • Learn how they can pivot their work to collaboratively meet the needs of the time and understand the necessity for responsive and resilient food systems. 

Learn more about the Iowa Food Bank Association here



Mike Miller
President & CEO
River Bend Foodbank

Speaker Bio

Barbara Prather
Executive Director
Northeast Iowa Food Bank

Speaker Bio

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