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Regenea Hurte

Regenea A. Hurte 
Executive Director, Iowa Food Bank Association & Iowa Hunger Coalition

Insert picture hereRegenea A. Hurte is currently the Executive Director of the Iowa Food Bank Association and the Iowa Hunger Coalition.  Regenea spent 10 years advocating for individuals as an attorney in Virginia.  Prior to joining IFBA and IHC, she was the Public Benefits Staff Attorney at Virginia Poverty Law Center and Director of Virginia Hunger Solutions in Richmond, Virginia.   A strong belief in the rights of all to truly have meaningful equality, justice, dignity, and happiness has been evident throughout her career and continues to fuel all of her endeavors.


Iowa Food Bank Association

The Iowa Food Bank Association is a collaborative of 6 Feeding America food banks whose mission is to support those food banks and their affiliates serving Iowa in their work to ensure sufficient food for all.

Together, the food banks serve over over 500 non-profit organizations serving children, adults, veterans, and seniors. These organizations include food pantries, emergency meal sites, congregational meal sites, emergency shelters, and other sites that provide food to clients. IFBA provides Food Assistance (known federally as SNAP) outreach assistance in all 99 counties with on-ground specialists and the Food Assistance Hotline which helps Iowans apply for Food Assistance Benefits.

Iowa Hunger Coalition

Advocate, Educate, Collaborate...this is what the Iowa Hunger Coalition is all about.  The Iowa Hunger Coalition is a broad, statewide coalition whose purpose is to educate and advocate on issues surrounding hunger. Our members come from food banks, food pantries, food rescue organizations, community partnerships, and their own personal commitments to the cause. We know that because hunger is a multifaceted problem that impacts every corner of Iowa, it will take a multifaceted approach involving every industry in Iowa to end it.  These hunger fighters work together to continue building a coalition of like-minded organizations and individuals who will work for effective policies and help educate Iowans on the causes, effects, and solutions of food insecurity and hunger in Iowa.

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