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Grassroots School Based Food Assistance

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Interstate 35 School
Subjects Covered  |   Education - Senior Hunger - Child Hunger - Food Banking/Pantry Logistics
Target Audience  |   Rural Public Educators - Rural Church Groups

How can a rural school district of 198 square miles with approximately 850 students meet the hunger need of our community? How can we conquer the food desert we live in amongst fields of corn and soybeans? Grassroots with no hoops to jump through and an end goal of zero hunger.

Sue Meggers | Public School Educator, Interstate 35 School
Jacob Heddinger | Counselor, Interstate 35 School
Heidi Boyd | Public School Home Economist, Interstate 35 School

About the Organization
Interstate 35 School
It is the mission of the Interstate 35 School to proactively alleviate childhood hunger in our school through a grassroots community based approach in an effort to insure student academic success.

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