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Learn About Dr. Norman Borlaug's Mission To End World Hunger

Learn About Dr. Norman Borlaug's Mission to End World Hunger

Hosted by: Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation

Subject of Breakout: Education


Because education was extremely important to Dr. Borlaug, it is one of the primary goals of the Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation. The resources provided during this session are designed to help students better understand Dr. Borlaug and his lifelong dedication to end world hunger. Click here to register!

About the Organization: 

Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation

The Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation (NBHF) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation of the Birthplace and Boyhood home of Dr. Norman E. Borlaug (1914-2009), where he established his values and work ethic. The Norman Borlaug Heritage Foundation is committed to promoting Dr. Borlaug's lifetime achievements and philosophy through educational programs.

Since 2000, the NBHF has had the privilege of preserving both the birthplace and boyhood farms so that future generations of Normans can walk and learn on these sacred grounds. It is at his Norwegian farmstead in scenic NE Iowa, that Dr. Borlaug once played and learned about agriculture firsthand. NBHF holds annual educational events each spring and fall for school children, host tours, and most recently, adult education days. They are committed to providing a learning environment rich in unique opportunities.

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