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 Food Recovery - Donation Gardening - Nutrition - Education - Volunteerism - SNAP/WIC - Local Foods
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Many Iowa farmers are providing healthy food to fellow Iowans. This fresh food is often priced higher than processed and imported food. A panel will discuss how they are increasing locally-grown food access for all Iowans. The session will include audience discussion to generate more ideas on how farmers and community members can increase local food access for all Iowans.

Sally Worley | Executive Director, Practical Farmers of Iowa
Aubrey Alvarez  |  Executive Director, Eat Greater Des Moines
Melissa Dunham  |  Farmer, Grinnell Heritage Farm  |  Volunteer Executive Director, Local Foods Connection

About the Organization
Practical Farmers of Iowa
Practical Farmers of Iowa works to equip farmers to build resilient farms and communities. Our values include: welcoming everyone; farmers leading the exchange of experience and knowledge; curiosity, creativity, collaboration and community; resilient farms now and for future generations; and stewardship of land and resources.

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